Finding Lost Family Members
The bonds of family are powerful and enduring, but sometimes, life’s twists and turns can lead to separation and loss. At True Story, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to reconnect with their roots and rediscover the ties that bind. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our upcoming Finding Lost Family Members feature, designed to help you locate and reunite with long-lost relatives.

Our strategy is rooted in the belief that technology can be a powerful tool for fostering connection and healing. By harnessing advanced search algorithms and expansive databases, we aim to overcome geographical barriers and historical obstacles to reunite families separated by time and distance. Whether you’re searching for a distant cousin or a sibling separated at birth, our platform will provide the tools and resources you need to embark on a journey of discovery.

Through our Finding Lost Family Members feature, we aspire to accomplish the following:

  • Reconnection: For individuals who have lost touch with family members due to migration, adoption, or other circumstances, our platform offers a lifeline, facilitating reconnection and reconciliation.
  • Closure: The uncertainty of not knowing what became of a missing family member can weigh heavily on the hearts and minds of those left behind. By providing answers and closure, our platform can help bring peace and healing to families.
  • Heritage Exploration: Reuniting with lost family members can open doors to exploring your shared heritage and ancestry, enriching your understanding of who you are and where you come from.
  • Supportive Community: True Story is committed to providing ongoing support and guidance throughout the reunion process, ensuring that all parties involved feel respected, supported, and empowered.

Whether you’re seeking closure, answers, or simply the joy of reconnecting with loved ones, True Story’s Finding Lost Family Members feature will be here to help you write the next chapter of your family’s story.

Family Trust and Estate Planning

Planning for the future is an essential part of ensuring your family’s security and well-being. At True Story, we recognize the importance of estate planning and the peace of mind it brings. Our upcoming Family Trust and Estate Planning services are designed to empower individuals and families to safeguard their legacies and protect their loved ones’ futures.

Our strategy revolves around offering accessible, user-friendly tools and resources that demystify the estate planning process. From creating wills and trusts to designating beneficiaries and managing assets, our platform will provide step-by-step guidance tailored to your unique circumstances and goals. By leveraging technology and expert insights, we aim to make estate planning more approachable and manageable for everyone.

Through our Family Trust and Estate Planning services, we aim to accomplish the following:

  1. Asset Protection: Our platform will help you establish legally sound trusts and wills that protect your assets and ensure they are distributed according to your wishes, minimizing the risk of disputes and complications.
  2. Family Security: By outlining clear instructions for the management and distribution of your estate, you can provide your family with financial security and stability, even in your absence.
  3. Legacy Preservation: Whether it’s preserving family heirlooms or supporting charitable causes dear to your heart, our platform will enable you to define and preserve your legacy for future generations.
  4. Peace of Mind: By proactively planning for the future, you can alleviate concerns about the unknown and face life’s uncertainties with confidence, knowing that your affairs are in order.
Scientists examines DNA models in modern Neurological Research Laboratory.

DNA Research and Ancestry

Your DNA carries the secrets of your ancestry, waiting to be unlocked and explored. At True Story, we believe that understanding your genetic heritage is a key part of discovering who you are and where you come from. That’s why we’re excited to announce our upcoming DNA Research and Ancestry services, designed to help you unravel the mysteries of your lineage and connect with your roots like never before.

Our strategy centers on leveraging the latest advancements in DNA technology to provide you with accurate and insightful ancestry results. Through partnerships with leading genetic testing companies and genealogy experts, we aim to offer comprehensive DNA analysis and interpretation that goes beyond simple ethnicity estimates. Whether you’re curious about your ancient origins or eager to trace specific branches of your family tree, our platform will provide the tools and resources you need to embark on a journey of discovery.


After Life Care
At True Story, we’re dedicated to providing comprehensive support throughout life’s journey, including its final chapters. Our upcoming After Life Care services reflect our commitment to easing the burdens associated with funeral arrangements and memorial planning. Recognizing the emotional and logistical challenges families face during these times, we’ve developed a platform that streamlines the process, allowing you to focus on honoring your loved ones’ legacies.

Our strategy revolves around offering a one-stop solution for all aspects of afterlife planning. From selecting funeral homes to coordinating transportation and accommodations for out-of-town guests, our platform will provide intuitive tools and resources to simplify every step. By partnering with reputable service providers and leveraging technology, we aim to offer a seamless experience that respects your wishes and traditions.

Through our After Life Care services, we seek to accomplish several key objectives:

  • Ease of Planning: By centralizing funeral arrangements and memorial planning in one platform, we aim to alleviate the stress and confusion often associated with end-of-life logistics.
  • Dignified Farewells: Our goal is to ensure that every aspect of the farewell process, from viewing arrangements to memorial services, is conducted with dignity and respect, honoring the memory of your loved ones.
  • Personalization: We understand that every family’s needs and preferences are unique. Our platform will allow for customization, enabling you to tailor the farewell experience to reflect the personality and passions of the departed.
  • Supportive Community: True Story is more than just a service provider; we’re a community of individuals who understand the importance of family and remembrance. Our platform will offer resources and support networks to help you navigate the grieving process with compassion and understanding.

By integrating After Life Care into our offerings, we aim to provide families with a sense of reassurance and empowerment during a challenging time. Whether you’re pre-planning for yourself or navigating the loss of a loved one, True Story will be there to guide you every step of the way.